Friday, February 6, 2015

Finally In Love

May be this story tells about the expression of love which was not accepted at the time it was told. But is remembered fondly and will be remembered fondly for the whole life.

My husband's love story started at our high school. I can never forget the day my hubby expressed his love for me. It was a rainy day and I was driving back from school and my dear hubby following me in his two wheeler. I was a very conservative girl then and I knew this guy has been following me for quite sometime.

I grabbed all my strength and thought of putting an end to it by speaking to him and by convincing that it was not the right age to love.  I was a very sincere girl then and I was brought up with a thought that to love someone is a crime.  I stopped at a corner and obviously he did too. I asked him "Why are you following me?". He replied "I like you so much. I love you Thangam". I was not prepared for that answer and I started crying.I was feeling very shamed to be loved by someone. I didn't say anything back and started riding away from that place.

He followed me and told me again "Thangam I love you". I asked him not to call me like that, with tears on my eyes I left the place.

But that crazy guy stick to his words. And after 8 years, he married me with my parent's permission. That was an arranged marriage for me and love marriage for him.

Now often he says that he loves me, and I do get tears when I hear that. But they are not that of the silly girl who is scared of love but that of a happy wife's :)

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Sunday, October 6, 2013

Celebrate the Uniqueness in YOU!!

How do we spend a day ? We woke up, get ready to office, spend 8-10 hours of work, get back to home, spend time with either your loved ones / lovely webpages :P and Phew!! the day is gone.

Wait!! Don't you think something is missing ? Are we savoring the real taste of life ??

Are we wondering at beauty of life and freshness of each second ?? Are we cherishing the uniqueness of us?? And yes, in everyone ??

More importantly are remembering our value and value of life each day ??

Everyday is unique. If you scrutinize each second is unique. We cannot live the same second twice. Everyday unfolds before us fresh and untouched.

We may be drinking the same brand tea everyday, but the proposition and the tase is not exactly the same as yesterday's or tomorrow's tea!!

We may be commuting the same path everyday, but the co-commuters, even the traffic is not the same everyday !!

Everyday has lot of difference in it!!

Now think about you? Do you think you are a normal person ??? I tell you my friend, you are a SAMURAI!!

You are the one, you won the race of survival of the fittest, overpast around 500 millions of your co-brothers/sisters, even when you are the tiniest of the bit. You reached your mom's egg FIRST and You are the WINNER!!! Now are you here reading this blog, because of that victory.

Now SAMURAI, hold on to that proud smile that spread across your face..

I have something more..

You are such an awesome person!! Here is how - Survey tells us there are 7.116 billion people on this earth, which is really a big number. And have you ever realized that among that huge number of people, you are standing apart in your own way.

Your face, Your smile, Your body, Your likes, Your dislikes, Your Character and that cute grin :P No one else is going to be like you.


You are a UNIQUE SAMURAI packed with tremendous potential. Remember your victory when you are tiny and dream your abilities when are big now.

Now, my dear friend, live everyday celebrating its uniqueness and your uniqueness. Take time to celebrate life, wonder at little things, laugh at silly matters, dance as you wish .. Everyday toast a drink for you and feel proud about you :)

Soon you will learn to appreciate the uniqueness in others too and it will make a huge difference.

Go Ahead and Conquer the world in your own way !!

Take care !

With Lots and Lots of Love,
P. Abitha.

Monday, August 26, 2013

Be a Wine

Ok! So the topic sounds boozy!!

Most of us think that our childhood and collage days were the best periods in our life. Yes! I do agree with it, where it is marked with complete innocence, fearless attitude, Big Dreams, Little fights, Falling in love with the a girl/guy at your class, Making friends everywhere and it goes on..

Things gets changed as the years pass on .. We feel we lost our identity in job and family responsibilities. And we are no longer the same girl/guy who was once at childhood. Sometimes we do feel our life entered into monotony and there are not many things which interest us. And we long for childhood days to come back and where we were excited on little things. And we may end up as a person, who become a dead fish in life's flow..

Which need not to be true, you can still hold on to your best things and challenge yourself on the better ones. It may be your attitude/character/habit/the way you look at your life ..

Wine gets better when time pass by. Let's us be like a wine, getting better each day enhancing the fun, compassion, love ...

Each day let's do our work with more curiosity than our first day at Job...

Each day let's smile broader than before...

Each day let's greet people with more love and joy...

Each day let's handle our anger/frustration little better...

Each day let's love our partner more than yesterday...

Each day let's get indulged in something we love... 

Each day let's pass the message of living lively to someone ...  
And more important.. 

Each day let's go to sleep with Bigger dreams :) ...

Let us be a Wine.. Adding values and Joy to our life as each second pass on!!

- Regards

Made on 1987

Friday, August 2, 2013

It's OK to be Small Now

Sometimes whether it is at work or at personal life, by looking at people who are pioneers in that field, we think we are nothing compared to them and nearly invisible. When you read or meet people who have attained great success, who are at the place you envy to be at, you may feel small.

But here is a little secret, it's completely OK to be small now. Years back even the people who are at great heights now, might have started small and worked their way up due to their hard work and pursuance.

So if you just started working on something, or if you don't know much about a subject you want to excel, you just have to give yourself enough time along with continuous effort.

And most importantly don't forget to have a plan to count and track your baby steps towards that BIG GOAL.

Years later, when you look back you might have reached the position you envied few years back. And people might be wondering at your secret.

Always remember even the greatest people were born on this earth just like you and me, as a child with NO in-born knowledge on the things. It's the choices they made in their life along with the burning efforts taken them to the place they are now.

Once Again

It's OK if you are just a small seed now


Slowly and Steadily you will grow into that BIG tree

All you need is patience and Continuous effort...

All the Very best for that Big Success :)

Saturday, July 27, 2013

Animation Stories for the kids.

During my free time, I always do some research. Not the ones about gadgets/technology. But the ones to become better human.

Here is something that I found useful for the parents with school going kids. Sometimes for the adults too :)
It has animation stories from A.P.J Abdul Kalam's life, quite interesting and conveys most important life's lessons. 

Check it out and let me know. By the way, I have marked it aside to show to my kid (yeah!! I know so early for planning, but still ;) )

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Real Life Heroines

I always had this thought in my mind. Whenever we see beautiful women out there in advertisement we think they are great, at least greater than us in some or the other way.

The real beautiful women are not the ones shown in advertisement and film, but the ones who are around us, sharing the same common space at us yet stands different from us in some aspect.

I never knew whether Aishwarya Ray faced so many struggles as the common women I am seeing everyday.

You don’t have to read the stories of great women. Just look around you can see so many real life heroines as I have seen and can observe tints of greatness in each and every one of them.

Here are few women, whom I respect and appreciate.

My mom's for her unlimited hope on me, at times when I don’t have anything left.

My friend's mom for her brave heart,  for all the struggles she passed through successfully when her husband was hospitalized for months and she was left with three kids and no support.

My cousin for her determination, when she successfully completed her PG degree the same time her kid entered in college.

My Maid for her strong belief in education, who educates her kids despite her low income.

My dear friend, for her love and care on her friends despite all the problems she has with her life and family.

My PG Owner for her hard work, to manage her two toddlers along with 30 girls.

And the list goes on….

And one more thing, I never forgot to mention to each and every one of them, how great they are. And I feel that is something they deserve.

Let me know of the women who have impressed you..

நல்ல விசயங்களை எவ்வளவு முறை கேட்டாலும் படித்தாலும் அவை நன்மையே பயக்கும் :)

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Give the Women the care and respect they deserve

I am software engineer and always work round the clock to learn new things. But if you ask me a question on current events or if you try to discuss with any of the event that happened in the city, you can see a blank look on my face.

My knowledge on current events is so limited and the only source is my maid, who brings me news about current events now and then.

Am I too stingy to buy newspaper everyday? or I am too obsessed with mean things that I don’t watch news ?

No.. The reason is I am too sensitive. Too sensitive for bad news that the newspaper carries. And one such thing is violence again women. It shakes the basic trust that I have on this society and the fellow human beings.

I really don’t understand the reason behind the women being bullied and annoyed by the society often. Being weaker than men, does that make her vulnerable for attacks?

Irrespective of the higher or lower society, educated or uneducated people, domestic or international differences I could see the crime against women in all phases and in all places. Why is this happening and what could be the starting point for this?

Is this the universal law, that the weaker animal is being attacked and bossed upon by the stronger animal where I have seen the Lion threatening the Hyena’s in discovery channel.

But even after years and years of civilization, do we still have the dark patches of characters that we have got from our ancestors.

Women are not only bullied and tortured by their opposite sex and most of the times by the same sex.which makes me worry more.

The thought goes on.. I am still struggling to find the reason behind the activities against women.

But I am clear on the solution for this. The basic reason behind the society’s cruel face against women is we forgot the morals. And we forgot to teach the moral to our kids.

Whether you are educated or uneducated, when you have a kid, teach them the importance of the fellow human, teach them to respect fellow human's feeling, make them to stick to the basic values which are more important.

Make them to look at girl as a fellow human first and then as a girl or sister or anyone next.

Teach them the needs to protect women and respect her emotions. Tell them that she may be different in appearance but she is the basis for every men's life. She has more capabilities than man, Men may be stronger but even the strongest man cannot carry his gene to next generation on his own. He needs the help of women.

Teach the children that the women are elixir of life and without her the world will never flourish. Teach the boys the right way, the women has to be treated and respected. Teach them the values of life more than the value of money.Teach them to understand the pain of women as theirs.

Remember if you wish your advices and words to be heard, first you have listen to them and follow them. So start living from this moment the way you like to be treated by others. Treat the women whom you come across your life with respect, start observing few things which you have never done till now like giving our mom a day's rest and doing all her chores, helping your young maid to get the education she needed, giving your daughter-in-law few words of appreciation, helping your wife in her daily activities, gifting your daughter one of the class you have rejected because you felt it is unnecesssary.

Start today..

And slowly and steadily we will build a society that treats women with a value they deserve.

Lastly, I always wanted to have a boy child and I pray God for the same everyday. Not because I like boy-child more than girl. In fact I like girl-child more.

But I want to bring him with morals and wanted to see him treating his sister, grandma, girl friends, wife, daughter with respect and care they deserve. If I can achieve that I succeed not only as mother but also as women.