Sunday, October 6, 2013

Celebrate the Uniqueness in YOU!!

How do we spend a day ? We woke up, get ready to office, spend 8-10 hours of work, get back to home, spend time with either your loved ones / lovely webpages :P and Phew!! the day is gone.

Wait!! Don't you think something is missing ? Are we savoring the real taste of life ??

Are we wondering at beauty of life and freshness of each second ?? Are we cherishing the uniqueness of us?? And yes, in everyone ??

More importantly are remembering our value and value of life each day ??

Everyday is unique. If you scrutinize each second is unique. We cannot live the same second twice. Everyday unfolds before us fresh and untouched.

We may be drinking the same brand tea everyday, but the proposition and the tase is not exactly the same as yesterday's or tomorrow's tea!!

We may be commuting the same path everyday, but the co-commuters, even the traffic is not the same everyday !!

Everyday has lot of difference in it!!

Now think about you? Do you think you are a normal person ??? I tell you my friend, you are a SAMURAI!!

You are the one, you won the race of survival of the fittest, overpast around 500 millions of your co-brothers/sisters, even when you are the tiniest of the bit. You reached your mom's egg FIRST and You are the WINNER!!! Now are you here reading this blog, because of that victory.

Now SAMURAI, hold on to that proud smile that spread across your face..

I have something more..

You are such an awesome person!! Here is how - Survey tells us there are 7.116 billion people on this earth, which is really a big number. And have you ever realized that among that huge number of people, you are standing apart in your own way.

Your face, Your smile, Your body, Your likes, Your dislikes, Your Character and that cute grin :P No one else is going to be like you.


You are a UNIQUE SAMURAI packed with tremendous potential. Remember your victory when you are tiny and dream your abilities when are big now.

Now, my dear friend, live everyday celebrating its uniqueness and your uniqueness. Take time to celebrate life, wonder at little things, laugh at silly matters, dance as you wish .. Everyday toast a drink for you and feel proud about you :)

Soon you will learn to appreciate the uniqueness in others too and it will make a huge difference.

Go Ahead and Conquer the world in your own way !!

Take care !

With Lots and Lots of Love,
P. Abitha.