Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Give the Women the care and respect they deserve

I am software engineer and always work round the clock to learn new things. But if you ask me a question on current events or if you try to discuss with any of the event that happened in the city, you can see a blank look on my face.

My knowledge on current events is so limited and the only source is my maid, who brings me news about current events now and then.

Am I too stingy to buy newspaper everyday? or I am too obsessed with mean things that I don’t watch news ?

No.. The reason is I am too sensitive. Too sensitive for bad news that the newspaper carries. And one such thing is violence again women. It shakes the basic trust that I have on this society and the fellow human beings.

I really don’t understand the reason behind the women being bullied and annoyed by the society often. Being weaker than men, does that make her vulnerable for attacks?

Irrespective of the higher or lower society, educated or uneducated people, domestic or international differences I could see the crime against women in all phases and in all places. Why is this happening and what could be the starting point for this?

Is this the universal law, that the weaker animal is being attacked and bossed upon by the stronger animal where I have seen the Lion threatening the Hyena’s in discovery channel.

But even after years and years of civilization, do we still have the dark patches of characters that we have got from our ancestors.

Women are not only bullied and tortured by their opposite sex and most of the times by the same sex.which makes me worry more.

The thought goes on.. I am still struggling to find the reason behind the activities against women.

But I am clear on the solution for this. The basic reason behind the society’s cruel face against women is we forgot the morals. And we forgot to teach the moral to our kids.

Whether you are educated or uneducated, when you have a kid, teach them the importance of the fellow human, teach them to respect fellow human's feeling, make them to stick to the basic values which are more important.

Make them to look at girl as a fellow human first and then as a girl or sister or anyone next.

Teach them the needs to protect women and respect her emotions. Tell them that she may be different in appearance but she is the basis for every men's life. She has more capabilities than man, Men may be stronger but even the strongest man cannot carry his gene to next generation on his own. He needs the help of women.

Teach the children that the women are elixir of life and without her the world will never flourish. Teach the boys the right way, the women has to be treated and respected. Teach them the values of life more than the value of money.Teach them to understand the pain of women as theirs.

Remember if you wish your advices and words to be heard, first you have listen to them and follow them. So start living from this moment the way you like to be treated by others. Treat the women whom you come across your life with respect, start observing few things which you have never done till now like giving our mom a day's rest and doing all her chores, helping your young maid to get the education she needed, giving your daughter-in-law few words of appreciation, helping your wife in her daily activities, gifting your daughter one of the class you have rejected because you felt it is unnecesssary.

Start today..

And slowly and steadily we will build a society that treats women with a value they deserve.

Lastly, I always wanted to have a boy child and I pray God for the same everyday. Not because I like boy-child more than girl. In fact I like girl-child more.

But I want to bring him with morals and wanted to see him treating his sister, grandma, girl friends, wife, daughter with respect and care they deserve. If I can achieve that I succeed not only as mother but also as women.


  1. Hey Abi Blogger,
    First of all Big Kudos on your first post.
    I could not stop myself from giving you a standing ovation.
    Its hard to believe that, it was your first post. Very much professional, matured and informative.
    Keep posting and welcome once again to the world of blogging.

  2. Thank you Dear :) You are my inspiration in blogging.

  3. Abi... just read this.. I hope you meant that women are just physically weak when you meant weak. In fact, men are weaker emotionally than women :)

    1. well said bro...shokka sonnappa unmaiya

  4. Hey Abi,
    I really appreciate your effort and the way you penned your thoughts.... all the best...
    Keep writting more

  5. Good Thoughts in a good language...

  6. Kudos Abitha!!!
    Great to see you are developing writing skill. Keep it up. Hope still more to come!!! ;)

  7. Hi Abi,
    Hearty wishes and it a nice piece of work and your thoughts. Congratulations on bringing up the thoughts through your excellent writing,Great it is,Good luck for your feature projects :)

  8. nice work! keep them coming..

    1. @Sree : Yes I meant that they are physically weaker than men.
      @Sabarigiri, @Arun , @Karthik, @Vinay : Thank you Sabari, Arun, Karthik, Vinay.
      @Mythili : Thank you dear.

      My hearty thanks to all who visited and taken time to read my blog.. I am lucky to have friends like you.. Thanks a lot guys. It matters a lot to me :) :)

  9. Abi.. Kalakeeta poo..!!! Awesome... When you said you want to blog, i was more curious on what would be your first take.... Indeed you did a superb share... Especially the finishing touch which showed your real passion on what you shared. I'm so proud and happy to be a friend of yours. :)

  10. @Hari Shankar : Thank you Hari :)

  11. This is yet another cliche blog which is too preachy and one sided. Blogger makes a clever attempt in the end by emotionally wish a male child to balance out the contradicting opinion that could come from section of men.Human being is a human being and all deserve equal treatment.Men or women or transgender - all are equal. Is the blogger the first women in the earth who is going to start teaching her son about morale and treating fellow human being.Is all other mother from previous generation and current generation failed to do so?There are many countries and even lot of ancient civilization where women is placed above men in the society and the laws give more privilege to women than men. Have not you come across Men who shoulder the responsibliity of welfare of their mom,sister,wife ,daughter,grand mom.Have not the blogger come across men who sacrifices their personal desires for the family? Though written with good words,this blog is indirectly trying to accuse the women of previous generation have failed to bring up their son in right manner.Have not the blogger come across women who cheat men or who does emotional violence against men. Have not your Maid who is your source of news shared any sensitive news where woman jealous over other woman .Start looking at good examples from your Father,Brother,Husband instead of typecasting men as uncivilized on how to treat women.If you get a male baby also teach your son on how to deceived by women's false love. Honestly answer me.After 25 years,are you going to see women ill treaed by men (or) men deceived by women more? Violence in any form against any fellow being in the name of language,religion,caste,politics or gender should be stopped. Instead of helping your young maid in getting her education,why don't you stop keeping young maid and let her get proper education like any other youngster deserve.I am not trying to demotivate your blog writing .Good english alone does not ensures good thought.. Netrikann thirappinum Kutram Kutrame - Nakeeran. -GIVE THE MEN THE LOVE THEY DESERVE.