Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Real Life Heroines

I always had this thought in my mind. Whenever we see beautiful women out there in advertisement we think they are great, at least greater than us in some or the other way.

The real beautiful women are not the ones shown in advertisement and film, but the ones who are around us, sharing the same common space at us yet stands different from us in some aspect.

I never knew whether Aishwarya Ray faced so many struggles as the common women I am seeing everyday.

You don’t have to read the stories of great women. Just look around you can see so many real life heroines as I have seen and can observe tints of greatness in each and every one of them.

Here are few women, whom I respect and appreciate.

My mom's for her unlimited hope on me, at times when I don’t have anything left.

My friend's mom for her brave heart,  for all the struggles she passed through successfully when her husband was hospitalized for months and she was left with three kids and no support.

My cousin for her determination, when she successfully completed her PG degree the same time her kid entered in college.

My Maid for her strong belief in education, who educates her kids despite her low income.

My dear friend, for her love and care on her friends despite all the problems she has with her life and family.

My PG Owner for her hard work, to manage her two toddlers along with 30 girls.

And the list goes on….

And one more thing, I never forgot to mention to each and every one of them, how great they are. And I feel that is something they deserve.

Let me know of the women who have impressed you..

நல்ல விசயங்களை எவ்வளவு முறை கேட்டாலும் படித்தாலும் அவை நன்மையே பயக்கும் :)


  1. This post has more clarity and much matured than the last... My hearty wishes for the young and upcoming social reformer......

  2. @Karthik Malampalla : Thank you Karthik :)

  3. super Abi... i have already shared one of my favourite one....

  4. Hi Abi, I appreciate your thoughts, but you cannot undermine the challenges of the women you see onscreen. They face critics every day, manage paparazzi, handle personal and professional career. So in life men/women face challenges in various degree in different ways with different levels of capability. But it's always nice to appreciate the effort of our loved ones.

  5. @Hari : Thankyou Hari.

    @Srikanth : Yeah. I agree I should not underestimate the challenges of the actresses. Thanks Srikanth for making me look things from the other side too :)