Friday, August 2, 2013

It's OK to be Small Now

Sometimes whether it is at work or at personal life, by looking at people who are pioneers in that field, we think we are nothing compared to them and nearly invisible. When you read or meet people who have attained great success, who are at the place you envy to be at, you may feel small.

But here is a little secret, it's completely OK to be small now. Years back even the people who are at great heights now, might have started small and worked their way up due to their hard work and pursuance.

So if you just started working on something, or if you don't know much about a subject you want to excel, you just have to give yourself enough time along with continuous effort.

And most importantly don't forget to have a plan to count and track your baby steps towards that BIG GOAL.

Years later, when you look back you might have reached the position you envied few years back. And people might be wondering at your secret.

Always remember even the greatest people were born on this earth just like you and me, as a child with NO in-born knowledge on the things. It's the choices they made in their life along with the burning efforts taken them to the place they are now.

Once Again

It's OK if you are just a small seed now


Slowly and Steadily you will grow into that BIG tree

All you need is patience and Continuous effort...

All the Very best for that Big Success :)


  1. very encouraging thought...gist for success..

  2. it is ok to be small forever also...don't try to grow faster and bigger by feeding shit..

    small or big ...most important thing is stay good for ever.

  3. Hey keep posting such good and meaningful articles.