Friday, February 6, 2015

Finally In Love

May be this story tells about the expression of love which was not accepted at the time it was told. But is remembered fondly and will be remembered fondly for the whole life.

My husband's love story started at our high school. I can never forget the day my hubby expressed his love for me. It was a rainy day and I was driving back from school and my dear hubby following me in his two wheeler. I was a very conservative girl then and I knew this guy has been following me for quite sometime.

I grabbed all my strength and thought of putting an end to it by speaking to him and by convincing that it was not the right age to love.  I was a very sincere girl then and I was brought up with a thought that to love someone is a crime.  I stopped at a corner and obviously he did too. I asked him "Why are you following me?". He replied "I like you so much. I love you Thangam". I was not prepared for that answer and I started crying.I was feeling very shamed to be loved by someone. I didn't say anything back and started riding away from that place.

He followed me and told me again "Thangam I love you". I asked him not to call me like that, with tears on my eyes I left the place.

But that crazy guy stick to his words. And after 8 years, he married me with my parent's permission. That was an arranged marriage for me and love marriage for him.

Now often he says that he loves me, and I do get tears when I hear that. But they are not that of the silly girl who is scared of love but that of a happy wife's :)

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